Alec Zander

Bioinformatic Researcher

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AI and Science



Alexandre holds a Ph.D in molecular modeling of proteins from College de France (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie), two master's degrees in biotechnology (earned concurrently at Sup'Biotech and Universite d'Evry), and a bachelor's in biochemistry from Hunter College (CUNY). Alexandre has several years of international experience working at the intersection of higher education and science & technology start-up companies. This is centered around molecular modeling, which naturally combines computer programming and advanced chemical data visualization. As a research professor of bioinformatics at a private university he has developed international research partnerships with French, Canadian, and Moroccan universities. He has also participated in bioinformatics curriculum development and has led student research teams to gold medal results in the 2016 and 2017 iGEM competition. As a scientist working in the private sector biotechnology since 2007, Alexandre also has several years of experience in commercial chemistry research, business development, and organizational development. This continues with the foundation of his own consultancy in 2019: Fayesbridge Incorporated.