Mike Pham

Product Manager

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AI and Science



A former academic, Mike left his Linguistics PhD program when he finally got tired of people asking him how many languages he speaks. Now he works as a Product Manager focusing on Natural Language Processing, bringing together his theoretical linguistics background and contemporary Machine Learning approaches to natural language. He thinks we still have some time before SkyNet turns on the Terminators, but not enough time that we shouldn't start ethically building AI to incorporate and address social and environmental justice concerns. In the rare commodity that New Yorkers call "free time", Mike can be found riding and living on one of his too many bicycles (he won't stop talking about a recent bike tour with a friend around Taiwan). He has been training in Filipino and Indo-Malay martial arts (kali and silat) for close to a decade, as well as Brazilian JiuJitsu more recently, and hopes John Wick will need a sidekick one day.