Raymond Dai


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Community and Creative Leadership



I’m a New Yorker born and raised. My family ancestry is Chinese from Xiamen but my parents were both born in Cambodia and my dad was raised in Vietnam. From a young age I started learning magic tricks from a video my grandfather “legally” copied and since then have fallen in love with social interactions. At age 17 I started doing a simple business to business wholesale cell phone accessory business using the same social interaction skills from my performing days. During this time I also learned the basics of cell phone repair thru various online resources and at age 25 I translated those skills into a led lighting and karaoke sound systems installation business. In 2017 I started Asian Entrepreneur Mixers as a way to both generate extra income while also giving the young asian community a safe and friendly space to share resources as well as enjoy social networking. My goal is to inspire this current generation of young asian professionals to develop stronger social skills and live a more balanced life.